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Fractoid v2.0 is an interactive kinetic sculpture that the audience controls. Fractoid is a collaboration between Lustix and 1028 Designs. Sound design by Sam Pool aka SPL. Main animations content by Lustix. All programming, construction, additional content and installation by 1028 Designs. I worked on it as a 3D modeler for mechanical modelings inside.

Upon approaching the sculpture's control console, participants can press buttons that trigger projection mapped animations on the sculpture. When certain combinations of animations are pressed, special animations play while the sculpture physically rotates and presents the participant with a new geometry with new animations. There are a total of 3 state changes participants can discover. Fractoid is not only the first interactive projection mapped game but also the first sculpture to be projection mapped as it moves and still retain its geometry. This past year, Fractoid was presented at Lightning in a Bottle Festival 2013 and will be featured at upcoming SXSW 2014.

Software: Cinema 4D 
My role: Modeling / Contents (mechanic parts)

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